‘Between the Black and White’: G minor

“Between the Black and the White” explores completely different moods and emotions in every day life. It’s organized into completely different keys that set the tone for every particular piece. It tries to seize the microscopic tales of life and zoom in to look at each element.

—The climate of late, how surprisingly it unfolds,

Sunny skies, but rain, delicate and untold.

Whispers from above, showers tender and lightweight,

A whimsical dance, nature’s personal delight.

And once in a while, a hurricane’s may,

Tossing and turning, like a picket coaster’s flight.

Nature’s wild embrace, an exciting carousel,

A tempestuous journey, the place wonders dwell—

Opening the shades from my room, I’m delighted to search out these tiny droplets of rain. I just like the wet days in California, partly as a result of I come from a wet metropolis and partly as a result of I imagine within the magic of the rain.

The rhythm of the rain at all times vibrates every cell in each a part of my physique. The rain in California particularly tickles me with its gentle and slender touches. Rain shops my most stunning reminiscences: of being trapped at a bus cease in center college on my approach again house; of operating by means of the mountain within the sudden pouring rain that blurred my eyeglass and left me to deeply ponder the ingredient of water; of cozily strolling beneath my clear umbrella on my technique to the library; of sitting close to the window in a restaurant watching the brushing streams of rain.

To be trustworthy, I don’t fairly fancy California’s climate. The drifting rain looks like a misplaced soul. It lacks character and thought, the sort that you’d discover in my hometown. I’ve grow to be too accustomed to that affirming, magnificent vitality of the rain, the sort that may sacrifice, burn and be reborn at any second, an unsurprising miracle.

—California’s slender rain, without end tender and meek,

In its infancy, it whispers, so delicate and modern.

A mild drizzle, within the arms of the night time,

Fragile and defenseless, in its ethereal flight.

Like a timid lover, it caresses the land,

With tender kisses, as if holding a fragile hand.

In its innocence, a romantic serenade,

Melting hearts with its contact, like a love parade.

Oh, California’s slender rain, a lover’s plea,

Wrapped in vulnerability, but so fantastically free.

In its modesty, it paints an image divine,

Igniting passions, in hearts that intertwine.

So let it fall, this rain so slim and slight,

For in its weak spot, it unveils love’s may.

California’s slender rain, a fascinating embrace,

Romancing the world, with magnificence and beauty—

As I sit right here looking of the opened window, respiration the scent of the rain, I shut my eyes and pray to the rain.